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Solitario spider

If you've always liked playing solitaire, but you're tired of the usual rules, with "Spider Solitaire", an improved version of the classic game, you can not stop playing. Before you begin you must choose the level of difficulty with which you want to play, we recommend you start with the Easy. When you start playing you appear on the screen ten stacks of cards face up with the latest. The object of the game is quite simple, sort all the cards in descending order, easy right? But the rules are not what you know, here can not go about doing lots with letters and placed at the top of the screen, otherwise you have to go moving the piles to go releasing the cards you have below. When you run out of possibilities of movement, click on one of the cards from the upper left, but you will get a couple of letters, it will put a new one in each end of column and you will have to relocate. If you have already ordered a group of cards, you can move them together where best suits you. If all that's not enough, you have limited time you be able to get sort all the cards in just 10 minutes?

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