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social solitaire

A wonderful version of the old Klondike/Patience version of Solitaire with many additional features including: - Large cards with high visibility suits and numbers for those of us with less than perfect eyesight - Play normal Solitaire or a cool relaxed version ( relaxed is all cards face up) - Play random hands or one of the many thousands of hands that can be won - Historical record of all games, go back and play the games you lost and improve them - Complete undo for those surprise moments - Card suggestions for when you're in a hurry or just stuck - Card draws (kinda like cheats) for when you have one of those hands you just can't complete without a little help - 16 different custom card decks to match your preferences - 18 different custom backgrounds for when you just need a change - Keep track of all your stats game - Daily quests just to add a little extra excitement - Compatibility with phones and tablets - Autocomplete - Free to play

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