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Papa Cherry Saga

Do you want to play a sweet little game? Then Papa Cherry Saga is the one for those with a sweet tooth. The main character, Chef Papa Cherry, will always help you win a level. Taste the sweetness of the fascinating new match-3 game! Swap and match cookies in this tasty puzzle adventure to advance to the next level and enjoy that sweet feeling of winning. Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious waterfalls and tasty combos! Plan your movements by matching 3 or more cookies in a row. Combine four or more cookies to create enhancers. Use braces if you are stuck. Can't you win the level? Use five additional moves at the end of the game! Go through chocolate blocks and marshmallows to collect cookies in dozens of levels, guaranteed to have you wanting more!

Match 3 Chain effects candies

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