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In this classic Gold Miner game you are not exactly the next Indiana Jones, but nevertheless you find yourself in an old gold mine equipped with a pickaxe that you must throw at colored blocks to destroy them. It's the closest thing to being an awesome action hero archeology teacher. In our Match 3 game, you can only remove the blocks if you hit at least two adjacent blocks of the same color. Classic formula Connect 3. Except that the minimum number of connected blocks is 2 and not 3. Same difference. The objective is to destroy the gold blocks, because only those will earn you money. Connect 2 or more blocks to remove them. You will have to get rid of all the regular rocks in order to get the most out of it. Cleverly remove the other blocks to get as many gold blocks next to each other as possible. Then you will earn more coins. Gold Mine is a Connect 3 game with unlimited levels, which means that the time you can play is only limited by your Match 3 skills. And your greed for that matter. You wouldn't be the first person to fall prey to gold rush! Are you a worthy gold miner?

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